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Bartoli Jenifer

Drew Barrymore was born on February 22, 1975 in Los Angeles. It grows in the heart of the cinema since it is the girl of the comedien John Barrymore, and the goddaughter of Steven Spielberg. Its destiny is déja very traced. To 1 year it appears on the small screen in a commercial and the following year one sees it in a telefilm "Suddenly Love". To believe that the cinema is innate in the small girl. It is in 1980, whereas it was only 4 years old that it takes its first steps on the large screen in "Beyond the réél", like in "E.T" in 1982. Two films which will propel the baby star to the row of super star!

But the girl then teenager sinks in drug and alcohol. Its career stagnates, it does not appear more which in series B in lesquel it interprets only minor parts. But after having undergone several cure of désintox, it decides to be caught in hands and to start again its career. It finds a first role in "Ivy Poison" of Shea Ruben. Then one finds it in several comedies such "Tomorrow one Marie", "1 Duplex for 3", "College attitude" and well on "Charlie' S Angel" which it also produces.
The dark time in which it lived during a few years is thus very far, pretty Drew is with the poster of "Love and Amnesia" and inaugurated its star on the Walk of Glory with Hollywwood in 2004. Actress and producing, it is in 2007 with the poster of "Lucky You" and "He Coil Me".

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