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Birth on September 28 1934 of Brigitte Bardot in Paris. His/her father, engineer, fourteen years older than his/her mother, which will be that will push Brigitte towards studies of music and dance.
At fifteen years, Brigitte appears for the premlière time in the review of mode "It" and made an incursion noticed with the cinema in 1952 into "the Norman Hole".
This same year, it will turn in two other films and will meet the realizer Roger Vadim with whom it will marry malgrès a parental refusal because minor. This union will last approximately five years.

In 1953, charming and marvellous, Brigitte make her beginnings in the American cinema at the sides of Kirk Douglas in "Act of coils"
Thanks to its charm, with its personality semi-angel, semi-demon, with its look of provocative coed (can one go until saying that it entraina young people the Frenchwoman in the fashion of the miniskirts?) it will have only successes and will go even until being introduced in a way remarkable and noticed into the French song. Indeed, helped by Serge Gainbourg, it will be found with several albums and of many tubes among its 80 songs (Harley Davidson, I would like to say to you..., Bonnie And Clyde....)
Moreover, Charles De Gaule, who aprécie much Brigitte for his qualities proposes to him to be the model of Marianne (symbol of the French Republic). It accepts and thus makes it possible thus million French to admire his republican beauty during several years (it will be replaced by Catherine Deneuve in the Eighties.)
Louis Malle wants it once again for Viva Maria, Michel Deville presents it to us merry and mutine in the Bear and the headstock, Robert Enrico puts Lino Ventura at his knees in Boulevard of rum, Vadim the unrepentant tempting watch.
At her forty years, Brigitte decides to withdraw world of the spectacle and to settle in her residence of Tropez Saint (Southern of France). She turned in more than fifty films. She will devote from now on her life to the animals through her foundation for the protection of the rights of the animals (the babies seals, life of the asses...)
It Marie for the third time with Bernard d' Ormales in 1992. In 1997, it sells its property of Tropez Saint and with this money it gives a national statute to its foundation and thus obliges the French state to recognize the founded good of its action for the animals.

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