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Daniel Balavoine, atypical and committed singer, born in 1952, begins his career by forming the Présence group which occurs into 71 with the Golf-Drouot. He becomes chorus-singer in ' the revolution française' then for various singers of which Patrick Juvet. Daniel Balavoine is introduced at Léo Missir, director artistic at Barclay. He makes it sign in this large house. He writes two albums (with it passing some you by me and Them adventures of Simon and Gunther Stein) which pass unperceived. Then the singer in 1978 comes, with the extract which carries the same title which explodes on all the radios and propels Daniel Balavoine at the head of all the hits parades and the fact of knowing near general public. In 79 it leaves Face love bitter face which remains in the shade of the success of the preceding album.

Michel Berger asks him to be Johnny Rockfort in Starmania. In this rock opera, Daniel Balavoine confirms all the hopes of his mentor (Léo Missir) and becomes with his new militant titles (' My son, my bataille' extracts from Another world), carries it word of a whole generation.
In Mars 1980, with the newspaper of Antenna 2, it stops the candidate François Mitterand and pushes a blow of unforgettable mouth, in the name of the youth which for him never has the right to the word.
It takes by storm the olympia in 1981, extremely of its scenic experiment of Starmania.
In 82, after its first Paris-Dakar, it offers Vendeurs of tears to us, which marks the revival of the artist, but it continues to be carries it word of its generation with ' Living or survivre'. It writes and produces one of its chorus-singers, Catherine ferry (' Hello, bonjour').
Daniel takes part in a musical tale, ' Abbacadabra', which takes again the tales for children on the melodies of the Abba group. It interpréte ' Belle' with Frida (singer of Abba).
Far from the eyes of the occident east to my direction a more intimate album (' To leave before the miens'), and more engaged against the injustice and the inequality (' Revolucion' and ' For the widowed woman which éveille').
During Paris-Dakar 84, Daniel Balavoine decides to help the populations of Mali while launching Paris of the heart. In September it is with the Sport hall.
To save the love, the album of the dedication but also the last. During the promotion of the album Daniel Balavoine declares: "I like this album so much that I would like that it is the last".
It takes an active part in the organization in the concert for Ethiopia with the courneuve. One finds it in the heart of the singers without borders for the song ' Ethiopie'.
In January 86, it takes the departure of Paris-Dakar, but not for the race. Within the framework of Paris of the heart, it will deliver water pumps to the inhabitants of Mali. January 14, it accompanies Thierry Sabine for a recognition in the helicopter. Close to Tombouctou, it is the accident. The 15 with the alarm clock, one learn disappearance from Daniel Balavoine, Thierry Sabine, Nathalie Odent (journalist), François Xavier Bagnoud (pilot) and M. Fur (Mechanic).
Since it is a great vacuum.

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