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Chimène Badi was born on October 30, 1982 with Villeneuve-on-Batch (France). Since the six years age, it has only one obsession: to become singer, even if at that time, its dream was to take part in the School of the Fans. Thereafter, not knowing how to enter the show biz, it follows wise studies the agroalimentary ones until 2002, where it passes the casting of Popstars and is retained. It does not gain this contest but the power, the beauty and the singularity of its voice are noticed and Chimène Badi can record its first individual "Enter Us at the beginning of 2003. The title receives a good reception of the public and the first album of Chimène Badi leaves in the tread. In 2004, the second album leaves "Say to me That You Like Me" who come to confirm all the talent of the young woman.

Become a true artist, Chimène fills Olympia several evenings of continuation in 2005 and benefits from it to leave an album live the same year. It is necessary to await at the end of 2006 to find Chimène Badi on new a opus studio ("the Mirror") recorded between Los Angeles and Paris and for which it it is made accompany by largest (Sardou, Obispo, etc).

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