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Pierre Bachelet was born on May 25, 1944 in Paris. He passes his childhood to Calais then to Paris or he follows studies of cinema before making his military service with the cinematographic service of the armies. While scraping the guitar in the Parisian cabarets, it works since 1968 with the sound illustration of an emission of television. In 1972, it carries out documentary on Pablo Picasso and the following year records its first 45 turns. But during these Seventies, it devotes the greatest part of its time to the composition of film music like "Emmanuelle", "the Victoire While Singing" or "Bronzed Ski". In 1980, it leaves a second album which comprises its first success "It Is Besides" then in 1982 the album which makes known it general public with the title "the Mining cottages".

Other albums will follow at rather constant intervals: "To discover Amérique"en 1983), "Marionnettiste" in 1985, "Twenty Years" in 1987, "the Man In White" in 1989 "the City Thus Is it" in 1995, "a Simple Man" in 1998, "Another Light" in 2001 and finally a album-homage to Jacques Brel "You Us Free Steps" in 2003. In 2001, it had celebrated its twenty years of songs in Olympia in front of a packed room as with each one of its concerts bus Pierre Bachelet was before a whole popular singer. It is deceased on February 15 2005 of the continuations of a long disease.

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Pierre Bachelet, french singer
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