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Charles Aznavour, from his true name Aznavourian, was born on May 22, 1924 in Paris from relative Armenian immigrants. He grows in the family restaurant where his/her father sings for the customers and is discovered a passion for the world of the spectacle. He enters to the school of the spectacle in 1933 and takes down some minor parts with the cinema and the theatre. In 1941, it makes the meeting of the type-setter Pierre Roche with whom it begins a work of writing. The two men works for Edith Piaf who encourages Charles to launch out in solo. Its beginnings are not easy, but its force holds in its texts and the public ends up following it.
With the end of the Fifties he is finally the success which he deserves and its career flies away. Of disc in disc and round in round, Charles has a name in the hexagon initially then it widened his sphere of activities while going to sing of the United States in Turkey or of the Black Africa to Russia and its discs are sold to million specimens. If its career is a beautiful success, its love life seems more unstitched and of 1946 to 1968 Charles marries three women who will give him 6 child. From the Sixties Charles joins again with the cinema while playing in various films. Under the direction of Truffaut, Chabrol and well of others it takes part in more than 80 turning and shows of him another facet. In 1997, the president of the Jacques Chirac republic, appoints it Officer of the Legion of Honour, certainly the most beautiful proof that Charles became one of the pillars of the French culture.

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