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Born in Algiers on January 24, 1950, from a father singer of opera, young Daniel Auteuil passes the major part of his childhood in slides of theatre. It is day when it sees a ténorino operetta flying away in the clotheshangers during the applause which date its desire to make of the theatre.
Directing itself first of all (it is just 17 years old) towards the operetta and the theatre, it enters thereafter to the Florent Course. It makes its beginnings with the NPT (in "Early Morning") and plays, in 1972-73, in the musical "Godspell". It is Gerard Pirès who offers his first minor parts to him, and its cinematographic career starts under the soft auspices of the comedy gentillette with "Attention the eyes" and "Mr Papa".

Partner with the theatre of Edwige Feuillère ("the insane one of Chaillot", of Maria Pacôme ("Learn to me, Céline"), it bursts on the boards at the side of François Périer in "Blow of hat" who are worth the price Gerard-Philippe 1979 to him, decreed with the best young person actor of the year. He assembles and interprets then "the boy of apartment", that Gerard Lauzier adapts to the cinema under the title "prevent You everyone from sleeping". Success. But Auteuil obtains finally its galons of star of cinema thanks to the series of Under-gifted, of Claude Zidi, where it plays the dunces with a demolition and a spirit which make these two comedies of immense popular successes. Edouard Molinaro offers also the occasion to him of a great popular success with Percent bricks have you more nothing. Divided between the screen and the scene (in very different roles), it extends its cinematographic register to films of action (the crossbow, the indic, the deer) and soon to the productions known as of quality, thanks to Claude Berri who entrusts to him the role of Ugolin in Manon of the sources. A role in the beginning intended for Coluche, taken again hand of Master by Auteuil which surprises whole France in a dramatic register up to that point ignored by the realizers. The transformation is radical and the career of Auteuil changes whole with the whole, the more so as ilrécolte for the occasion César of the best actor. One then sees it at Deville, Sautet or Girod, with, sometimes, some returns towards the comedy (the devil of "My life is a hell").
In 1996 it recoit the price of male interpretation in Cannes for its role in "the Eighth Day". Its role in "the Girl On the Bridge" in 1999 enables him to carry new César, and the film is acclaimed a little everywhere in the world doing of Auteuil one of the French actors best paid. In 2005 it will be with the poster of "One Remains, the Other Share" and "To paint Or Make Love".

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