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Tina Arena, from its true name Filippina Lydia Arena, was born on November 1, 1967 in Melbourne in Australia. As of its youth, small Tina sings and impresses its first public at the time of a family marriage. Subjugated by the beauty of his voice, his/her relative register it with an emission of television "Young Talent time" in which it will take part, each week in front of six million televiewers, during nearly 7 years. It leaves television to be devoted to the training of the trade and to improve, as well in song as with the theatre.

Lastly, feeling lends, it leaves in 1989 its first album: "Strong Have Steel" which gains an immediate success. One of individual extracts from the album is classified second better sale of the year. The promotion of the album finished, Tina grants a bracket in its career to play in a musical. In 1994, its second album "Don' T Ask" runs out to 2 million specimens in the world. Individual "the Chains" is classified in all the charts, of Australia in the United States while passing by England. However the French public is sulky it and it is necessary to wait until 1998 and tubes it "Higher Outward journey" so that finally it is recognized and is discovered million fans. Conquered by France, Tina works in 2001 on the album "Just Me" with David Hallyday, Jacques Veneruso and Pascal Obispo. In 2005, Tina once again thanked his French audience with the album "Another Universe," his first album entirely in french. Composer and performer friendly and accomplice to songs filled with feelings, poems and stories she sings with a unique talent, Tina Arena has become an internationally renowned artist who has not finished surprise us. It shows us once again the extent of his talent for the album "7 Lives," came out in early 2008, which, in thirteen titles, she tells stories and emotions.

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Wallpaper Tina Arena

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Wallpaper Tina Arena

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