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Born in Paris on December 1, 1944. After traditional studies, his/her sister Catherine Arditi encourages it in an artistic career. She involves it during Tania Balachova whereas it particularly did not have fibre of the actor. In 1965, it begins while appearing in the theatre at Marcel Maréchal in "the opera from the world" from Audiberti.
It is at the 26 years age that it makes its beginnings with the cinema in a film of Rene Gainville "Alyse and Chloe". The year according to it is Roberto Rossellini which gives him a first role in "Blaise Pascal".

In 1979, Pierre Arditi accepts a role in My uncle d' Amérique, it is its first collaboration with Alain Resnais and this meeting is decisive since it is in contact with the latter that Pierre Arditi will become a figure impossible to circumvent of the French cinema.
He became actor fetish of Resnais as well as André Dussollier or Sabine Azéma. ("the love with death", Mélo, "Smoking", "No Smoking", "One knows the song", "Not on the mouth").
In the years 1980, its career is finally launched, it works with the largest French realizers and it connects its appearances that it is with the cinema, television or the theatre.
It is a compulsive eater of even works and acknowledges as he died if he did not play, for proof, he has held the principal role of the series tele "Giordano Saver" for six seasons and lately played the cinema in "the Perfume Of the Injury In Black" (2005) before being with the poster into 2006/07 of three other films.

Its rewards:
1987 Molière of the best second male role for the pièce"La repetition or the punished love"
1987 César of the best actor of second role for his interpretation in "Mélo" of Alain Resnais
1987 Seven of gold of the best actor for the telefilm "perfect love"
1994 César of the best actor for his interpretation in "Smoking" & "No smoking" of Alain Resnais
2002 Chevalier of the Legion of Honour.

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