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Kareen Antonn was born into 1981 parents from origins Greek and Spanish. It is a true key with very which excèle as well in the dance, the comedy the song.
After having taken part as an actress in several courts and medium-length films as well as a first role in the theatre, its overflowing activity does not prevent it from continuing its musical projects with a succession of pop groups rock'n'roll inspired by Alanis Morrissette, U2 and Lenny Kravitz.

After its first concerts at the 16 years age, Kareen tastes then with the piano-bar before becoming singer of Wandue Project whose title "King of my castle" walks on signal 5 international. It is at that time in 1999 that it meets its producer who - subjugated by its talent involves it on the most prestigious scenes of the world. It occurs with stars such as Jocelyn Brown, Change, D Train, Oliver Cheatham and is essential with "My world on me", a title written by it which has the badge honor to be reproduced on compiles reference "Tribute to the funk".
It is by listening to it to interpret "Total eclipse of the heart" that comes to its producer the insane idea to make record in duet Kareen and Bonnie Tyler. Impressed by the voice of its follower, Bonnie Tyler agrees to make a distorsion with the rule which it was dictated not to re-record its own works. Better, it proposes to move in person for the realization of the disc. The two women find themselves in Paris in studio for a great moment of control, emotion and artistic complicity. Sessions which will see being born a imparable piece but also a true friendship.
A collaboration of prestige which does not prevent Kareen, as with its practice, to work without slackening, engraving with always more smoothness the pearls pop-rock'n'roll than are its own songs for the recording of its new album, left at the end of 2006, and quite simply entitled "Kareen Antonn".

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