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Keren Ann Zeidel was born on March 10, 1974 in Césarée in Israel. It grows up to 11 years in Holland before coming to settle in Paris. Its vat out of pocket, it seeks its future orientation in various branches (data processing, psychology, etc) but finds a real pleasure only in the writing of songs. In 1998, it assembles a group ("Shelby") and leaves an album to mitigated success, the group separates. Little time afterwards, Keren meets Benjamin Biolay. Together they will write the first album solo of Keren: "the Biography of Luka Philipsen" which leaves in 2000. The album, somewhat anachronistic, receives a good reception of the public. The same year, Keren takes part in a great part of the titles of the album of Henri El Salvador "Room With Sight", which brings the recognition of the artistic medium to him. In 2002, Keren leaves its second disc: "Disappearance".

In 2003 it collaborates with Bardi Johannsson for a project available under the name of Lady & Bird, the same year it records and publishes in the United States an adaptation of "Disappearance": "Not Going Anywhere". In 2004, Keren leaves its fourth album "Nolita" which comes to confirm all the talent and the female sensitivity of this single compositrice in its kind.

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