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Anggun of its true name Anggun Cipta Sasmi was born on April 29, 1974 in Jakarta in Indonesia in a noble family which allows him to open out fully. It is to his/her father, integrated well in the medium of the show biz indonésien, which it owes the beginning of its career, since as of the 7 years age, it records a disc for children. Five years later, it leaves a second album, plus rock'n'roll and addressing itself to a larger audience, which propels it to the row of star in his country. It enchaine then successes until in 1993, year or it makes the meeting of Michel Georgea, French whom it marries, the opinion of its family counters, in 1994. The young couple settles in Paris where Anggun learns French and starts again his musical career while working on an album which will leave under three different versions, according to countries', of 1997 to 1999: "Anggun" (19 titles) for Asia, "In the name of the Moon" (16 titles) for Europe and "Snow One The the Sahara" (11 titles) for the USA.

Success in Europe spouts out with the title "Snows In the Sahara" which will be one of the tubes of the summer 97. The new dash in the career of Anggun is a success since its album is sold in more than 30 countries and to several million specimens. Its second album, "Contrary Desires", left in 2000 meets a new success international and the young woman multiplies the appearances at the sides of other artists or for great causes: "the Restaurants Of the Heart", great concert of Christmas to the Vatican, bandages original for two films Scandinavian, duet with Piero Pelu and Serge LAMA, etc. In 2004, it is a Chevalier medal-holder of Arts and the Letters by French Minister for the Culture for his international success and its support with the French culture. After one trés long absence, beautiful Anggun returns at the beginning of 2005 with a splendid album which will succeed in alluring everyone: "Luminescence" writes in collaboration with Tété, Lionel Florence and Jean Fauque.

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