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Eve Angeli was born on August 25, 1980 in Sète. She dedicates a passion for the music, follows courses of song with the hope to make known herself. A literary vat out of pocket, it goes up to Paris in 1998 with the intention to be made a name. In 1999, it takes part in the emission "Seeds of Stars Turn 99". It gains its place finally and sign a contract with a house of disc. Its first individual "Before Leaving" made a paperboard at the summer 2000 and announces an album which will leave in 2001 ("Loves me"). Talented young woman gains a frank success with this first album and its second opus "Our differences" in 2002 follows the same way as the precedent. In 2004 Eve writes her autobiography, "My Revenge, My Innocence", in which it is devoted to open heart. Eve makes her return on platinums in 2005 with the album "Come".

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