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Pamela Denise Anderson was born on July 1, 1967, and raised in a small town of British Columbia (Canada) (even its birth made the titles of the newspapers: it was the first baby born in the area with a date birthday, the 100ème birthday of the Confederation Canadian, and received a gift of the government), and said that it was a little like a wild child. She supports her eccentric grandfather who him insulfe a strong passion for what she calls her "way of thinking New Age", a philosophy in connection with mythology, fairy tales, crystals, meditation and the interpretation of the dreams.

Its ambition, according to its book of college, was to become one of these girls of the Californian beaches. Its first great change was in 1989, whereas it attended a match of professional football in Vancouver. The caméraman zoomé on it, and showed it on the large screen with everyone. Pamela wore a Labatt Tee-shirt which a friend had given him, and it created such a sensation that Labatt employed to make pubs. Playboy called soon, and its career was launched. Hollywood, roles with tele, life with the beach. It appeared in Marrié, 2 children, Home Improvement, and of course Alerte with Malibu. It also reappeared in Playboy (it has in fact the cover 7 times more than any other woman). WFP never offusquée itself to be stereotyped like a "stupid blonde", because she says "my life does not follow rules. I can only surprise people ". Although Pamela de Barb Wire, the futuristic history of a heroin post-feminist, went well to the box office, Pamela declares that it inevitably does not seek to make another film. For its glory, it always insisted that it wanted to be a woman and a mother, and with this exit at the head, it left with some the most beautiful parties Hollywood, in particular Dean Cain, Sylvester Stallone, Scott Baio, and David Charvet. It has surprised everyone while being marriant with Tommy Lee, the beater very tattooed of Motley Crue, after a tourbillonante court 4 day old. Although at the beginning it was répoussée by Lee, and its practice to call it 40 times per day, it fell in love after it followed it to Cancun. They were marriés on the beach - implements of diving carried to him, it a tiny white bikini. Tommy did not buy a ring of marriage out of diamond with Pamela, in the place it was made tattoo the name of her husband on the finger. The couple celebrated the birth of the first Brandon wire on June 6, 1996. Since that, Pamela has some "will have maternal". With each time that it is interviewed and questioned on her husband or his son, its face is illuminated. Pamela really achieved its dreams It wanted to leave Tommy, but finally returned with him. The couple had a second child, Dylan (born on December 29, 1997). But Tommy beats it and it leaves it. It decides to take a new departure with its new series TV (V.I.P). After a short reconciliation in 1999 with Tommy Lee; they break definitively. It finds comfort near the célébre Californian surfer Kelly Slater. For a few months WFP has posted itself with the arm of the signal model Marcus Schenkenberg. Would it have finally found somebody on whom to count?

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