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Tori Amos, from its true name Myra Ellen Amos, was born on August 22, 1963 in Newton (the USA). As of the four years age it integrates the choral society of its church where it sings and plays of the piano. While growing Tori revolts against the religion and its Pasteur father and decides to try his chance in the music.

The years galères start, it plays in bars and assembles a group to record an album which will be a failure, it is victim of a rape which it will tell later in one of its songs, but does not discourage themselves and finds the force always to advance. In 1991 its first album solo "Little Earthquakes leaves" which is a world success and puts an end to the years galères. With the rhytme of an album every two years Tori delivers to us with his piano of the extraordinary titles to the very personal texts and vintages, carried by musics of very great quality. With its last opus ("American Doll Posse") left at the beginning of 2007 and to record in England, Tori proposes to us to plunge during 80 minutes in its universe and, throughout the 20 titles, sometimes rock'n'roll, sometimes ballade, it is impossible to be bored: once more, the charm of Tori Amos functions.

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