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Thierry was born on October 18, 1982 in Marseilles. He has a simple and happy childhood. Resulting from a large family (3 brothers and 2 sœurs) it always lived in lost corners, in the open air in the south: "a brilliant life" says it. Since his more tender childhood, Thierry is an absolute fan of music and it is at the 13 years age that it fits in a choral society and takes part in various concerts and operas. After studies of psychology which it gives up quickly, it decides to be devoted to its passion completely and connects the castings (Popstar 2, one evening Rêve...) until the moment when it is selected by A the Research of New the Star, the emission in which he will be finalist. Located by a large house of disc (BMG) it signs a contract with her. The its first individual "blue words" is a reality succés. In October left its first album "Paradoxes". It entered the signal three of the sales of disc as of its first week. Certainly the beginning of a great career.

Name: Amiel
First name: Thierry
Date of birth: October 18, 1982
Astrological sign: Balance
Birthplace: Marseilles
Cut: 1m87
Weight: Too much thin with its taste
Place of residence: Auriol
Family: His/her Alain father is a police officer to the retirement and his/her Anne-Marie mother is a maternal assistant. It has 3 brothers, Herve (29 years), Eddy (26 years) and Kévin (15ans), and 2 sisters of adoption (come from the DDASS) old of 11 and 8 years.
Activity: Singer in an orchestra
Qualities: Sympathetic nerve, and faithful in friendship
Defects: Colérique and Têtu
It likes: To take glass between buddies, to lengthen and write in grass
It does not like: To eat and sleep
Fetish object: A silver bracelet
Side heart: Single person and proud to be it
Distinguishing mark: A piercing with the navel

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Wallpaper Thierry Amiel

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