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Allen Lily

Woody Allen, from its true name Allen Stewart Konisberg, was born on December 1, 1935 in Brooklyn (New York - the USA). As of the 15 years age, it starts to write humorous papers for newspapers, using already the pseudonym of Woody Allen. After having obtained its diploma of end of secondary studies, it joined the team of the actor Sid Caesar to television.

1961 to 1964, he is an actor of cabaret, it is there that he is noticed by the producer Charles Feldman, who urges it to write and play in "What is nine Pussycat?" in 1965.
Woody Allen carries out its first film, "Lily the Tiger-cat" the following year diverting a feature film coming from Hong Kong. It is harnessed thereafter with the writing of a play, "Play It Again". (It will be adapted to the cinema in 1972 pennies the name "Fall the Girls And Are keep silent"). Its first true realization "Take the sorrel and draws" of 1969 is followed by "Bananas" in 1971, "All That You Always Wanted To know About the Sex Without Never Daring To ask It" in 1972 and "Woody and the Robots" in 1973, making of Woody Allen a director impossible to circumvent of the American cinema.
From 1975, it turns to topics semi-serious, semi-comic, which it treats in films like "War And Love" and especially "Annie Hall" in 1977, who gains the Oscars of best film, of the best realizer and the best actress. In these two films Woody Allen puts in the high-speed motorboat Diane Keaton, which is then one of its preferred partners. Thereafter its egery will be Mia Farrow (it marries it in second wedding at the beginning of the Eighties) which it directs for the first time in 1982 in "one Night Erotic Comedy Of summer". It connects turnings and leaves approximately a film per annum. Its separation of with Mia Farrow in 1993, puts a light brake at its cinematographic career (it makes a long European round with the head of a quintet of jazz), but Woody Allen returns very strong in 2000 with "Swindlers But Not Too" who remainder are larger success with the box office. Its last productions "Match Not" and "Scoop" (left in 2005 and 2006) put in scene the young person Scarlett Johansson. But already, Woody Allen prepares the turning of its next, because there remains a young man compulsive eater of work, for our greater pleasure.

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