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Christina Aguilera was born on December 18, 1980 in Staten Island, NY, the USA. The history of Christina Aguilera is a Hollywood dream which was carried out. This girl of a soldier and a 18 years old violiniste/pianist traversed the world successively living in Japan, in Florida, in Texas and in the New Jersey, before settling in Wexford, Pennsylvania, in the suburbs of Pittsburgh. "Also far I remember, I wanted to make this trade" entrusts the blonde to the blue eyes. Christina started to occur in spectacles at its school. Then it was presented at the eight years age to an emission diffused in all United States: "Search Star"; at ten years it sang the national anthem at the time of the matches of the professional sporting teams of Pittsburgh (Steelers and Penguins), and with 12 years gained its place in "New Mickey Mouse Club", sharing the front of the scene in this televisual program with several stars in becoming such Britney Spears, J.C. and Justin of group ' N Sync and the star of "Felicity", Keri Russell.

After two years spent in the weekly show of Disney, Christina expatria to improve its musical talents. It recorded a duet, "All I Wanna Do", with the pop star Japanese woman Keizo Nakanishi, made an appearance in the clip and left in round through Japan. On its return to the United States at the beginning of 1998, Christina was invited to audition for the recording of "Reflection", original band of the animated drawing of Disney "Mulan". The research, undertaken by the studios, of a singer with a powerful voice and a broad vocal range took quickly fine. At the request of its manager, Christina recorded on his chain of living room a model of the song of Whitney Houston "I Wanna Run To You" which was sent in the express train to Disney. And,en 48 hours, the girl with the single mature voice was found in a studio in Los Angeles to record "Reflection". Same week RCA Records made it sign a contract. Mulan left in June 1998 and "Reflection" reaches the Signal 15 A/C individual, whereas Christina sang it on line with the TV in "CBS This Morning" and the "Donnie & Marie Show."Le topic of the song - the difficulty of forging an identity - were something which related to me as a teenager "declared Christina. The song also with criticisms, which nominated it with the Goldens delicious Earth Awards (the victories of the music American for the best bandages original film.

On its first album for RCA, Christina continuous to reveal and make watch of a special voice. Dance-pop tempo of its first individual, "Genie In A Bottle" with the fun of "What A Girl Wants", while passing by the sounds gospels of "So Emotional" and the ballade "I Turn To You", Christina approaches the research topic of its own identity mixed with uncertainties related on adolescence and the passage on the adulthood. "I was excited to work with so much of large producers on this album" says Christina. Among them Carl Sturken and Evan Rogers are [ ' N Sync, Boyzone, Brand New Heavies ], David Frank, Steve Kipner, Travon Potts [ joint author of the tube "Angel of Mine” ], Matthew Wilder, Diane Warren and Guy Rock [ Brandy, Thick Hill, Aaliya, K-Ci & OJ OJ ]. The rythmées songs and the splendid ballades are well the proof that Christina is not right a phenomenon of mode, but a serious candidate under Voice of its generation.

Christina returns in 2006 with a second opus, “Back To The Basics”. Very rate/rhythm and with the sounds jazz blues and drunk person, this album confirms all it although one thought of Christina.

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