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Isabelle Yasmine Adjani was born on June 27, 1955 in Paris from a German mother and an Algerian father of Turkish origin. It is in Gennevilliers that it passes its childhood with her Eric brother. It starts to make theatre in its college of Courbevoie. In 1969, at the fourteen years age, it is répérée for the role of Rose in the Small Coal merchant. She continues, in 1971, by Faustine and the beautiful summer. Thereafter, it turns a tele serial, the secrecy of the Flemings whose intrigue proceeds at the time of the Italian Rebirth.

Its career really starts in 1972, at 17 years. After having failed the entrance examination to the Academy, Isabelle Adjani is chosen by Robert Hossein to form part of her theatre company in Rheims. In November, it is called with the Comédie-Française, where is urged it to play Agnès in the school of the women with Bernard Blier. General public will then discover it by the televised diffusion of the part, then in Ondine de Giraudoux.
Recognized for her exceptional talent by criticisms of theatre, Isabelle Adjani will become a genuine star of the cinema with the Slap of Claude Pinoteau, ave Lino Ventura, Francis Perrin and Annie Girardot, where it plays the part of a a little unstable teenager. In his following film, François Truffaut makes him play in love impassioned, with the limit of the madness, in the history of Adele H., inspired by the life of the girl of Victor Hugo. After having turned with Truffaut, one asks it everywhere. In 1976, Isabelle Adjani turns "the Tenant" of Novel Polanski, "Barocco", with Gerard Depardieu. In 1979, it plays in the remake of "Nosferatu" with Werner Herzog with Klaus Kinski. It would take too a long time to continue the list of all films where she illustrated herself: one will appoint "the fatal summer" of Jean Becker in 1983, "Subway" in 1985, "Camille Claudel" in 1988, "the Margot Queen" in 1994, and more recently (2003) excellent "the Happy voyage". Rare artist, Isabelle Adjani and a sure value of the French cinema and each new film in which it takes part transform immediately into success, and it is certainly not ready to finish ...

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