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Victoria Adams Beckham was born on April 17, 1975. Very small, Victoria adored to play the stars. Its attirence for the spectacle makes it be registered with the Wools Arts Success College of Epsom where it follows courses, three years during. But its acknowledged goal is to become singer. Also when it discovers a small advertisement to recruit girls to form a group it does not hesitate a moment.

The five members of "Spice Girls" live together in a house during one year when they do not manage to take off because the fashion is to the servant boys band and the idea of a group only made up girls does not allure really the producers. Simon Fuller, manager of Annie Lennox, takes them under his protective wing as of May 1995. Virgin finally agrees to sign with them for a contract.

Very is connected then very quickly, the clip of the Wannabe song makes a true misfortune everywhere where it is diffused. In July 1996, the first individual one leaves the group which is classified n°3 the week of its exit and reaches the signal of the classification as of the following week. And that for 7 weeks consecutive.
Called Victoria Posh by her fans and the press owes her nickname with the fact that it was designated as the snob of the group. Always vêtue of behaviour classifies and of luxury, it is often shown equipped by Gucci, its preferred mark. It has moreover one haughty air and cold which justifies its nickname.
In 1998 with more than 35 million sold albums, "Spice Girls" separate. The same Victoria year marries the footballer David Beckham. From this union were born small Brooklyn (Brooklyn because it was conceived in this famous district of New York), a Romeo (conceived in Paris, not in Vérone) and small Cruz, the last born in February 2005. Dimensioned professional, Victoria with fact a shy person return in the individual vats in 2002 with two "Not Such Innocent Year Girl" and "A Mind Of It' S Own" extracted from its first album in solo and occupied herself of promotion of her biography.

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