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Adams Victoria

Ace Of Base is before a a whole history of family, since the group is composed of three member of the same family: Jonas Berggren with the guitar and the keyboard, Jenny and Malin Berggren with the song. This trio comes to join in 1990 Ulf Ekberg to supplement one of the leader groups of the pop variety of the Nineties. After many research, the group finds finally a house of disc, in Denmark: Mega Records, and in 1993 the album "Happy Nation" leaves in the vats. Success is immediate, the tubes are connected and the notoriety of the group becomes international.

The second album of the group, in the line of the precedent, meets to him also a good success since it is sold with more than 6 million specimens, but the tastes of the public changes and the music of the group is blown. Media beating around Ace Of Base falls down little by little and their albums according to make the joy of the fans but do not touch a new public. Their last opus goes back to it "Da Capo" left in 2002 is unperceived past and takes again the old receipts of the group. The members of Ace Of Base currently work on the fifth album studio.

Adjani Isabelle
Affleck Ben
Aguilera Christina
Ajram Nancy
Alagna Roberto
Alba Jessica
Allen Woody
Allen Lily
Ambrosio Alessandra
Amiel Thierry
Amos Tori


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