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Ace Of Base

AC/DC means continuous current literally AC current, but also in slang "with veil and vapor"... This group will be at the end of the Seventies the most popular formation of the hard rock, disc of gold in practically all the Western countries, filling the stages of the whole world. Only in France, AC/DC sold more than three million and half of discs! The group is formed in 1973 in Sydney by the guitarist Malcolm Young (born in Glasgow), the younger brother by George Young, former member of Easybeats.

It then includes/understands Dave Evans with the song, Rob Bailey and Peter Clark with rhythmic, and especially the little brother Angus Young, 14 years old, with the guitar. This one, with its panoply of schoolboy (whom it carries on the councils of his sœur!), its reduced size accentuated by an imposing guitar, and its absolute control of the riff of rock' roll (admired by Keith Richards…), quickly becomes the point of test card of the group. Moving in Melbourne, AC/DC is joined in 1974 by Phil Rudd (battery), Mark Evans (low) and especially Ronald Belford alias Bon Scott, ex-Valentines and ex-Fraternity (in which it played of the battery) and true "bad servant boy" which will work the "violent" image of the group. During five years, the ex-Easybeats, Harry Vanda and George Young, producers, type-setters and arrangers, produce the group of the little brothers, the two albums "High Voltage" (1974) and "TNT" (1975) leaving only to Australia, before being compiled on an international album in 1976. 1977 mark a turning with the replacement of Evans by Cliff Williams and the exit of "Let There Be Rock'n'roll", their first true world success, followed in the same vein by "Powerage" (1978) and especially "Highway To Hell" (1979), the traditional one of this formation, which exceeds for the first time the million albums sold in the USA (500 000 specimens in France!). Lorque on February 19, 1980 in London, Bon Scott is found died of cold in its car after one night of drinking bout, one believes finished AC/DC. That nenni. Engaging obscure Brian Johnson, sympathetic nerve bawler with cap, the group publishes this year "Back In Black" which exceeds the 600 000 specimens sold in France (more than 10 million to the USA…), thus beating a record of the sales of rock'n'roll which it held déjà… In 1981, "For Those About To Rock" is number one in the USA. If "Flick Of The Switch" is gold disc in the USA at the end of 1983, it starts nevertheless a decline which seems inescapable in continental Europe. Neither a change of beater (Simon Wright replaces Phil Rudd) nor a return in the bosom of elder Vanda and Young mask the lack of creativity of the band of Angus. "Blow Up Your Video" at the beginning of 88 fact illusion one moment, but the sales fall considerably, except in the USA and in England where the concerts always fill the tank, thanks to an amazing scenic production. But in 1995, "Ballbreaker", produced by Rick Rubin reverses the tendency and starts again AC/DC, commercially and artistically. Blow, when "Stiff Upper Lip" in 2000 appears, the group receives a reception criticizes incredibly favorable. It is from now on very hip to like AC/DC. Until when?

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