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Abel Myriam

Year 69 marks the meeting of the couples of ABBA. Agnetha meets Bjorn and Benny meets Anni-Frid the two couples become engaged and then marry, for finally divorcing. The team author type-setter Benny & Bjorn met obviously a few years earlier, in 1966. Although Agnetha & Anni-Frid contributed to the voices of the choral society on the album of the men ' Lycka', the common contribution of the two couples seemed very distant, since it y have the disastrous test of a representation in a restaurant of Gothenburg in 1970 under the name of ' Festfolket'.

It is into 72 that the group was officially formed under the name of ' Björn and Benny, Agnetha & Anni-Frid' and carried out their first 45t. ' People Need Love', a n°17 with the hit Swedish parade. With the invitation in 73 to propose a song for the Swedish selection of Eurovision, Benny, Björn & Stig Anderson, the manager of the group, came with the song ' Ring' Boxing ring. It finished in the 3rd place. But the four returned the following year with the song "Waterloo", that which was going to gain the first price of the eurovision, in Brighton, April 6, 1974. Thus the name of the group became ABBA, which decides easily in all the languages. The contest of the eurovision gave to ABBA all that it was necessary to collect the international attention and to be followed success. At all events, after "Waterloo" was n°1 in England (n°6 in the USA a first for a song of the eurovision) their success strongly decreased. The song "Boxing ring boxing ring" reached only the 32ème place, "So Long" did not appear in the hit parades, ' I C, I C, I C, I C, I Do' was only 38ème. The United Kingdom is an important market for the group and they have to have many despairs. Then they carried out "S.O.S, which reached the n°6, it was followed by 3 n°1 to the hit of the 45t. - ' Mamma Mia, ' Fernando' and ' Queen' Dance hall. After two albums reaching signal 30, the third album called ' Greatest Hits' became n°1. in England. In 1976 with the promotional turn D ' Arrival' was on the way. Abba was continuously seen in photographs, interviews, or appeared with the T.V.. the same year one saw a televised series including a page "ABBA in Australia", "ABBA in Poland, ' Studio 2 ', ' ABBA Of ABBA Do', ' ABBA Musikladen' and thus the year was finished. In 77 the group prepared also the turn of Europe and Australia. During this turn the group interpreted in public a new series of 3 songs "entitled ' The Girl With The Golden Hair' the turn in Australia their gave the advisability of carrying out a film, which became later into 78 a large film" ABBA the movie ". ' Knowing Me, Knowing You' & ' The Name Of The Game ' become n°1 with the hit English parade. The album "Arrival was n°1 in England, while in the USA ' Queen' Dance hall became the first and only the n°1 in the USA on" Billboard Chart ". Year 77 became another year has success for the group. The 45t. ' Take A Chance One Me' and the 33t. ' The Album' were n°1 in the U.K., ' ABBA - The movie' pulverized the movie screens in the USA, one declared it to me May 78, month ABBA. The group carried out appearance with the TV and ensured an excellent promotion. May 78 also saw the inauguration of a new studio of recording. The realization of the 45t. ' Summer Night City' showed that ABBA could adapt to the music disco music. The following year in 1979, showed that the group was very occupied with the realization of two albums ' Want Vous', ' Greatest Hits vol. 2 ', reaching the n°1 and containing 5 45t. ' Chiquitita' (which was given to the UNICEF in 79 international year of the Child), ' Does Your Mother Know?' - with the voice of Björn -, the double 45t ' Angeleyes'/' Want-Vous', ' Gimme Gimme Gimme' & ' I Cuts A Dream' which missed the n°1 with Christmas. There was also a special emission ABBA in Switzerland and ABBA travelled to the turn of the world for the last time, in the USA, Canada & Europe, finishing in Japan in March 80. ' The Winner Takes It All' was carried out during the summer 1980 and became another n° 1, and ' Super Trouper' followed its traces. The album ' Super Trouper became for the group the sixth n°1 albums and later there was the realization of maximum ' Lay All Your Love One Me' at the summer 1981. There were not new editions before the end of 1981. The album ' The Visitors' established itself a number 1 and the 45t ' One Of Us' became a n°3. It was followed by another 45t ' Head Over Heels' in 1982, the year or ABBA celebrated to them ten year of common life. ' The Individual - The First Ten Years' became the 8th consecutive album of ABBA has to reach the n°1 with the hit parade of the albums, and two 45t were carried out: marvellous the, skilful one and intelligently arranged ' The Day Before You Came' and the original last 45t ' Under Attack'. The following year in 1983, showed one year very calm. A 33t compilation left ' Thank You For The Music', a collection of music of love which was published for Christmas, with the 45t ' Thank You For The Music'. It seemed natural that ABBA wanted to assume a return towards the studios to carry out a new album. After very any break was not announced, the group wanted to also promote the careers solo with engagement with the group. Thus Agnetha & Frida maintained their career solo since 76 and continued their engagement with ABBA. The careers solo go and come and of compilations at low prices of ABBA were realized since the middle of the years 80s and until A 1990 when Polygram International bought catalogues it ABBA. In 1992 it was the year of the resumptions of ABBA with ' Björn Again' which showed a show in everyone, Erasure with individual Cd ' ABBA-esque' & ' ABBA Gold Greatest Hits' becoming the 9th n°1 with a n°16 ' Queen' Dance hall on the hit parade these Cd individual. ' More ABBA Gold - More ABBA Hits' followed en1993 with the BBC which showed with the screen its own contribution ' A for ABBA'. Special a 4cd box was carried out with autumn 94, ' Thank You For The Music' consisting a hard box of 4cd more one book and including/understanding Cd with new songs ' ABBA Undeleted'. There were also films, ' The Adventures of Priscilla - Queen of the Desert' & ' Muriel' S Wedding', with songs of ABBA in the music of film. In 1996, it had limited edition ' ABBA there - Forever Gold' including CD no-claims bonus with the piece ' Could One Your White Sombrero'. In Mars 97, we saw the new realization of all the catalogue of ABBA the 9 original albums of ABBA were remasteriser digitalement, with 5 Cd including of the additional titles. The remasteurisation of Cd Live included notes of John Tobler.

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