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Aaliyah Dana Haughton is born on January 16, 1979 in Brooklyn, New York. It however passes the major part of its childhood in another large American metropolis: Detroit, Michigan. As of its youth, it catches the virus of the song: contests of songs, castings and shows follow one another at an intensive pace. Its passion for the song and the dance does not leave indifferent its family already strongly implied in the show biz, in particular his/her uncle and artistic agent Barry Hankerson.

Thus it sings in Las Vegas with Gladys Knight, the ex-wife of Barry. Its dream: to become next Whitney Houston from which she knows all the songs by heart. Aaliyah makes its true beginnings in 1994 with Age Ain' T Nothing But A Number. A first promising album the titles "Back & Forth" and "At Your Best (You Are Coils)" are classified in the Signal-10 of individual American. This success does not prevent it from keeping firmly the feet on the ground since it continues to attend "High School of the Performing Arts" where it obtains completely honourable notes. Only shade in the table: the rumour claims that the girl - it does not have that 15 years at the time would have convolé in right weddings with its producer, R. Kelly.

In 1996, Aaliyah leaves a second album, always with the complicity of R. Kelly: One In A Million. Y take part Missy Elliott and Timbaland (Tim Mosley). Its music, tinted R&B and of a point of hip-hop, allured an increasingly large audience. But Aaliyah wishes to explore other tracks. The large screen attracts it. It takes down a first role in "Romeo Must Die" of the realizer Andrzej Bartkowiak. More recently, it turns "the Queen of Damnés", to Australia. It holds to with it the role of 6000 years an Egyptian vampire. Curiously, it acknowledges to have appreciated this role for its sexy side! It is also had a presentiment of to play the sides of Keanu Reeves in the continuation of Matrix. In 2001, five years after its last album studio, it returns to us with a third opus éponyme: Aaliyah. It does not know it yet, but it will be its last disc, most personal of its short career. It is invested there completely, not only as an interpreter but also as producing executive, at the sides of her uncle. It describes it like the album of maturity. Itself changed. A 22 years, it is regarded from now on as an adult. That feels on the disc: it contains melodies dancing but also of other songs plus melancholic persons. In short, a more moderate table of the life, sometimes dark as when it evokes domestic violence in "Never No More". August 25, 2001, the new one falls into all the services news: Aaliyah succumbed in an air crash, like 7 other passengers and the pilot. The jet was crushed in the island of Abaco, in the Bahamas, little time after takeoff. Thus the career of the queen of the R&B is completed.

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